Make money with your blog

Can you make money from a blog?

The answer is a resounding yes. There are thousands of people in the US that earn their living with a blog directly, without any other parallel activity.

It is true that the US market is much more mature than the Spanish-speaking one, but maybe there is the opportunity. In addition, there are also cases here in Spain of bloggers who, although they have economic activities outside, are clear that making money with a blog is possible and they carry it out.

Be careful if you think the road is easy and fast, because it is not. First you will have to develop many and very good content in your blog, get a more or less stable and more or less numerous audience, become a reference for them so that they trust you, and from there you can do something.

What I'm going to propose is affiliate marketing as a way to generate income through a blog, to diversify your income and not having to be dependent on the hours you sell (or not).

What's affiliates marketing? Simplifying a lot, affiliate marketing is to promote a third-party product for your audience, in exchange for a commission for each sale.

This business model allows you to generate income without having a product or service, in an automated way, and with high commissions (up to 75% in some cases, although the normal is 50%, which is not bad either) .

That's why it's one of the most widespread ways to earn money with a blog, and that's why I want to present you how you should do to consolidate this as a source of income.

The mechanism is simple: you become affiliated with the product or service in question through registration, they provide you with an affiliate link, you put it on your blog, you promote it, someone clicks, buys, and after a bit they pay you a commission.

Here are some ways to get those clicks ...

1 Ad or banner

Some providers will provide banners of different sizes, colors and designs so you can place them wherever you want. It is not a bad option to make money with a blog through affiliate marketing, but it is too cold.

The good news is that an ad of this type is usually well designed, draws attention, and adds the visual component, which increases the chances that the click will occur. But in the long run, it stops attracting attention, and even if the click occurs, it is more difficult for the sale to take place.

2 Descriptive article

Another option is to make an article on your blog describing the product or service you provide. Explaining this product can make money with a blog, although in my opinion it is not enough.

3 Article how to do and what you can earn

This is a good way to promote a product from a third party. Explain to your readers how they should do to use that product or service that you promote, and above all what they will earn if they make that investment.

The idea is to make it easy for you to feel that if you do not buy, you lose a great opportunity.

4 Record a video

It is a variation of point # 3. Video is a medium that generates much more credibility, and therefore it is more likely that in this case the conversion will take place.

Record a video explaining how your reader can use the product or service, show him or her some trick or curiosity you have discovered, and show him live and direct the benefits you can get if you finally decide to buy.

How to choose the product or service to make money with a blog It is relatively simple.

First, search Google or marketplaces such as ClickBank or Amazon. Or even in the pages of the developers of the product or service.

Second, think of products or services that are useful to your audience and complementary to what you offer.

You can not offer fishing rods if your blog talks about genetics from Tibetan golden-backed rats. Although maybe you can promote books that deal with this subject.

For example, in my case I help freelancers and small companies in the professional services sector to attract more clients, generate more income and develop new products and services.