Ways to improve traffic without google

Here are the 10 best ways to generate web traffic without Google.  

Yahoo Answers Here you can get traffic very oriented to your sector, as long as you can provide a real and professional solution, you can even get customers who do not have enough knowledge to apply the given solution.

Do not spam by asking the question and responding as another person, it is about providing useful information and directing traffic to your website.

Although you really find many idiots too (here is a video that corroborates it) there are also questions with more common sense.

Comment on blogs Everything is on the internet and on any subject is spoken, so look for blogs on the theme of your website that have a lot of traffic and to which you can contribute your bit.

Use your real name, if you have really said something interesting, more than one person will click on your name to get more information about you, and it will end up going through your website.

If your website contains content related to the post that you are going to comment on, use the URL of this content better instead of the URL of the main page, in this way, you will improve the user experience of those who click.

Forum comments In the same way that you are reading this right now, you can be sure that many more conversations related to your niche are being generated. Starting a conversation in a forum or joining it can instantly become traffic to your website.

You should do the same as the comments in the blogs, that is, actively participate in the conversation and not just drop the link, of course it is related to your website.

A good way to find forums related to your website, is to search in Google with the operator inurl, the example would be this: "keyword" inurl: forum, when you enter the forum, pay attention to the rules and participate as much as you can , avoid brazen self-promotion as it can turn against you.

Write as a guest on a blog Collaborating by writing in a relevant blog as a guest, will give you within your sector authority, you will also get a percentage of readers who read, and among those readers will need your product or service, which is easy to Become customers of your business.

Google+ With Google + you can reach users even if they do not follow you and even if they do not know your brand through their communities.

The users that belong to the communities, are in them because they like that type of product. By publishing in one of these communities, reaching hundreds and even thousands of potential customers, Google puts us on a platter to find these interesting communities.

Join leading communities in your sector, participate as much as you can and give +1 in the publications of others, do not bombard with links to your blog, do it occasionally.

Social networks This is one of the ways to get more traffic. There are many to choose from, for example: Facebook optimizes your profile and includes a link to your website, publishes fun and useful content regularly.

Keep in mind that not all social networks are the same, nor do we have to have profiles in all, only those that really suit our business, it is better not to have the profile than to have it abandoned.

Reddit If you can find a relevant section (subreddit) with thousands of subscribers, then Reddit is a very important option to consider. The key is to create a lot of useful and relevant content for the subreddit. A percentage of Reddit users that read your content will click on your link and buy your product or service, as long as it fits the user, of course.

There are unique rules for each subreddit, which you must know and follow. In general terms, links to own sites are allowed, but linking exclusively to your own site is not.

Reddit has a voting system, so it is very important to participate in the community very actively and publish a lot of content, so you will have possibilities when it comes to increasing your score. On the contrary if your content is not good you will have negative votes.

Youtube YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, has more searches than Bing, Yahoo, Aol and Ask together, surpassing monthly three billion search with what you should pay attention to this channel, the videos most consulted are videotutoriales . Try to teach something through a video and you will see how your visits increase.

Email Contrary to what many people may think, mailing is one of the best channels to get customers. On average it has a conversion rate of 3.34% sweeping the networks social indicators, which stands at around 0.79. Proof of this is the amount of affiliate marketing companies that use it. One of the best tools to use this channel is Mailchimp with which you can manage your campaigns and your lists. Try to send personalized mails, when someone receives an email with your name in the subject you will almost certainly open it. As you can see, it is very important to have our page positioned, but it is possible to start generating web traffic even when it is not positioned. The web traffic achieved through these channels is in line with what we are offering, with which we can achieve a high percentage of conversions.