Marketing strategies to improve your web traffic

**Guest author

Have you thought about writing in another blog or writing in yours? We are not talking about a linkbuilding strategy to get a link, we are really talking about being able to reach other people who are already part of another blogger's community.

Do not be afraid to write your best post for another reference blog since this can only bring you positive things. You can approach new users who do not know what increases your visibility and the blogger who invites you will also share your post so you will get promotion both in your community and yours when you promote it. It's a great way to let you know and increase your visibility.

At the same time, inviting other bloggers is also positive as they will share the post they have written for your blog which will help you increase your traffic from your community.

Videos Content marketing is the king, we have it clear, however it seems that it is limited to the text. Videos are a very powerful tool that does not exploit everything you can. Have you thought about creating a YouTube channel? The videos allow you to transmit knowledge through tutorials or explaining certain topics quickly to your users. These tutorials are very well valued and you can upload them to different platforms that reference your website.

Hangouts Hangout is a very simple resource to let you know as a professional and discover your website. You can arrange a kind of meeting or gathering in which different professionals in your sector debate on a certain topic. Think about the amount of public from different parties that know the other participating professionals will see you through this hangout and can know your page.

Free resources Free resources work very well to attract new users because their virality on social networks is very high. For example you can make a small ebook, manual, guide or template, any type of resource or infoproducto and offer it in exchange for a small social action.

There are plugins that allow you to see hidden content or download materials after performing a social action, which is usually to share the post. This generates a great virality of your content in social networks which helps you to achieve a considerable increase.