Improve the traffic to your website

There are several ways to do this:

Create content that is useful and helps the visitor. Grouping and organizing content from other web pages is not the best thing to do, let alone copy and paste directly, since searchers detect it and penalize it. Users look for information that solves a problem, that entertains them, informs them or simply makes them laugh. You have to consider, what content can I offer my target audience that I can not get anywhere else? Keep the content updated. For recurring visitors, it is crucial to provide updates in the publication of content, especially in sections of the web that have more visits, which is usually the blog. It is advisable to publish at least once a week, although it is preferable to lower the content frequency ratio in exchange for offering more elaborate and original articles, as we have mentioned in the previous point.

Focus the content on the keywords. Before writing, we must conduct a prospecting action, with a brief study of the key words that interest us. My recommendation is to focus on a single "keyword" per publication. In this way it is easier to optimize title, meta-description, URL, and headings and subtitles of the article.

It is necessary to verify that the website works correctly, checking that there are no broken links, that the labels are correctly associated with the publications, that there are no problems of slow loading of the page, and that it is accessible from any device. Likewise, we must send the sitemap.xml file to Google so that it correctly indexes all the web pages. From "Google webmaster tools", it is possible to manage broken links, and fix problems detected by the search engine.

Add elements that facilitate the user to carry out actions (call to action). You have to launch flashy messages to get the attention of the user. It is necessary to complete the web with elements of "call to action" by the user, effectively distinguishing buttons and forms, to facilitate the visitor his next action to be done to attract him to the next phase of the conversion tunnel. It is also necessary to launch a successful proposal in these elements: it is not the same "register" as "prove it free for a month".

Subcontracting the creation of content. If due to lack of time it is not possible to publish quality content on a frequent basis, it would be good to consider subcontracting this service. Depending on the length of the publications, the frequency of writing, the specialization and the work required, you can get a low quota per article published, and in many cases more effective than investing it in pay per click. However, there must be sure that the content generated is appropriate for the web and that the target audience is clear.

Publish videos Video marketing every day is more important and remains a very strong differentiator against the competition. It is not necessary to have great skills in the creation of videos; a video from the mobile is totally valid. For example, instead of writing a publication you can pre-record, publish the video and its transcript. Or, if what you want is to publish your latest work, it would be a good idea to record a video with the result of it.

Add landing page for pay per click campaigns, never direct them to the HOME of the web. Publish surveys and integrate them in publications.