8 fundamental tips to enhance your Digital Marketing Strategies

As Marketing Trends in Social Media 2015 have taught us, companies around the world assign more and more importance to campaigns on Social Networks. And this is not in vain: during the last years, this modality has become the most effective and interactive way to reach the audience. But to connect with the public is not enough simply to open and maintain your updated accounts: you have to implement marketing strategies that can move and interest users. That's what I'm going to talk about in this blog post!

Below I will show you 8 essential tips to strengthen your marketing strategies in Social Networks. This way you will know what are the aspects that you must work on your profiles and Social Media pages to awaken interest in people.

  1. Take advantage of Facebook's new features

Did you know that there are new features of Facebook that can benefit your marketing strategies? These are small adjustments that have been added to the Social Network with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving and further personalizing the user experience. They are the following:

Discover Multi-Product Advertising

Now Facebook gives you the opportunity to show, through the same ad, several of your products at the same time. This possibility multiplies the chances of users knowing your merchandise, while dynamizing the notices that you make in the Social Network. Thus, with the Multi-Product Publicities you can show the public different goods, each of them accompanied by a title, an image and an exclusive landing page. The best tips for your marketing strategies

In addition to what has been said, another advantage of Facebook's Multi-Product Advertising is that they have social buttons, which increases the opportunities for the content to be viewed and shared by users. Indeed, this type of ad allows you to tell a story to people, through an image roulette, which is as novel as it is entertaining. Not bad, right? In case you want to activate this type of ads, you can do it through the Facebook Power Editor or through the corresponding API.

Tips and tips for your marketing strategies in Social Media

Share Featured Videos on Facebook

Another novelty recently launched by Facebook has to do with the possibility of highlighting a video on your Fan Page. This tool is very effective when you need to promote specific audiovisual content. It is also very useful to present your brand to the public, since when you enter the "Videos" tab of your page, the first thing users see is the highlighted video, as shown in the image below.

Essential statistics about Social Media Marketing

Reorganize the menu of your Fan Page

As time passes, the contents that you generate and share accumulate in your Fan Page, and nothing better than to organize them so that the audience feels more attracted to explore them. How? Managing your tabs through the "More" menu, as shown in the image below.

  1. Improve the appearance of your tweets with Twitter Cards

As you may have noticed, tweets that include photographs and a title or description of the link they promote are much more visually appealing, and as a result, are more likely to attract users to click. That is precisely the purpose of Twitter Cards! That is, help you increase the attractiveness of your posts on Twitter. To better understand what this tool is about, below you can see what a Twitter using Twitter looks like, and what one looks like that does not.8 tips to boost your marketing strategies

There are several types of Twitter Cards, according to the type of content you want to share (photos, videos or mobile applications). To implement this tool, you must add a code to your website. If you want to know more about this topic, visit this article about what Twitter Cards are and how to use them.

  1. Become visual

As you should know, the visual elements in Social Networks are notable for attracting the attention of users like no other content. Hence the importance of respecting the sizes of images for Social Media, since doing so is the only way to ensure that your profiles and pages are visually attractive. Fundamental tips for your marketing strategies in Social Media

In addition to taking care of the dimensions of your images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites, I recommend that you take into account mobile devices when generating your content. Indeed, more and more users are entering Social Networks through their phones and tablets, and for that reason, your publications must be optimized to be viewed correctly from those terminals. For this you can help with Window Resizer.

Tips to strengthen your marketing strategies

Windows Resizer is one of the best extensions for Social Media, since it allows you to easily know how your content is viewed through the different devices. Thus, installing this tool in your browser will allow you to optimize your content to reach more people.

  1. Take advantage of Facebook advertising

In addition to traditional ads, there are very effective ways to reach your audience on Facebook. How? Through the Custom Audiences or Custom Audiences. It is a very effective form of segmentation, which works from a database of users or clients (for example a list of emails or mobile phones of people who have already interacted with your brand). Thus, a Custom Audience allows you to show your ads to a specific group of people, who have already shown interest in your products or services.

How to strengthen your online marketing strategies

In a very similar way, from your Personal Audience you can generate a Lookalike Audience. As your translation of English ("Audiencia Parecida") suggests, it is a group of people selected from the characteristics of your Personalized Audience. Thus, Facebook allows you to search for users with similar qualities to your Custom Audience, in order that you can show them your ads in a specific way and with high probabilities of arousing your interest.

  1. Optimize your YouTube channel

YouTube, the most popular site for audiovisual content that is now part of Google applications, is an excellent platform to promote your content. There recently new features have been added, which allow you to customize your channel in order to make it more attractive to your audience. One of these new features allows you to add custom thumbnails to your videos, so you can include stunning or interesting photos to reference the content.

Discover how to boost your marketing strategies in Social Media

Along with this, now YouTube channels, like Facebook, Twitter and other sites, have a profile photo and a cover photo. To make them visually attractive, it is important that you respect the sizes of images suggested by the site, so that the resolution is adequate for your images to make a good impact.

  1. Work on the SEO of your content

As you know, one of the best known phrases in the field of Social Media Marketing is: "Content is the King". But for your content to reach your audience, it is important to get a good position in the most used search engines, such as Google or Bing. Hence the importance of applying SEO strategies (acronyms for Search Engine Optimization, English Search Engine Optimization) to your publications.

In this sense, one of the essential points you must take into account is to include keywords in your content. Keywords, known as Keywords in English, are the search terms that will allow people to find your articles. So, to find the most suitable keywords for your content I advise you to use the Google Keyword Planner. There you must enter the search terms you wish to evaluate and click on the "Get Ideas" button, after which you will know which are the most sought after keywords by the public.

the best tips for your marketing strategies in social networks

  1. Conduct Facebook Contests

One of the most effective ways to reach your audience and motivate them to take an interest in your proposals is to organize contests on Facebook. As you know, offering a prize to the public is the most effective incentive when it comes to getting users involved in your proposals.

Therefore, I advise you to take advantage of the most significant dates of the year (such as Christmas, New Year or Father's Day) to make your raffles on Facebook. For this purpose I advise you to use the SocialTools apps, with which you can not only create image contests or discount coupons, but also give you the possibility of generating a database of participants, which you can then use to create a Custom Hearing, as we said in tip number 4 of this list. Great, do not you think?

  1. Monetize your website to generate more resources

Finally, since you must spend a lot of time on the Internet, I strongly recommend that you consider monetizing your website. Thus, the possibility of making profits from your online activities will help you generate resources to improve your digital marketing strategies, through the acquisition of new tools for Social Media, more editors, Community Managers, paid advertising campaigns and more. 8 tips to boost your online marketing strategies

Some of the ways you have to make your site profitable and get more out of the web traffic you generate are using Google AdSense, consulting the Affiliate Programs of different sites and selling advertising space. Click on the following article to learn more about how to monetize your website.

Following these 8 tips that I have shared with you, you can get more out of your marketing strategies in Social Networks. Thus, create personalized audiences, include keywords in your content and make contests on Facebook are some of the techniques that will help you reach your audience more effectively.