5 ways to get more traffic to your site!

To continue with the surprising data, Facebook is positioned as the network with the highest number of visits to the more than 300 thousand Websites analyzed, reaching the figure of 23.39%. This platform is followed by: Pinterest, Twitter and StumbleUpon among the top positions.

Thats not all! It has also been shown that consumers influenced by Social Networks feel greater satisfaction and develop greater loyalty towards the brand.

The likes, tweets and +1 can become direct routes to your Website. Discover how to achieve it!

  1. Use the so-called "social tests" Human beings are emotional as well as rational beings. Many times we allow ourselves to be guided by aspects that do not necessarily follow a logic, but rather we are influenced by feelings, perceptions, sensations and sayings of family and friends.

This has to do with people making purchasing decisions based on the thought that others know something that we do not. So we tend to value your opinions and comments regarding a product or service.

At this point, Social Networks play a key role, since the comments, likes and shares of your content will generate interactions around it and therefore, will awaken the curiosity of users.

  1. Viralize your content If you are implementing a Content Marketing strategy, writing posts on your blog, giving webinars, sharing eBooks and whitepapers, the Networks can become important allies.

What topics interest your community? What type of content is most shared? These are some of the questions that you will have to answer when designing your content strategy if you want it to be shared.

Do not forget the calls to action! If you want people to access your content and share it, ask for it!

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that networks are conversation platforms and not unidirectional information media. Therefore, it encourages dialogue about the content you share. This will make what you want to spread more interesting.

Ask the members of your community what they think, create actions that promote their participation and show them at all times that they are an essential and active part of your strategy.

  1. Exploit the power of Gamification Gamification is the use of incentives to get the user to perform an action that we intend him to do. This strategy uses the emotions and feelings that the game provokes. Do you remember how much you enjoyed as a child spending all day playing? That is what you must achieve.

Contests, raffles and competitions are the best known examples of Gamification. Social Networks, being platforms mainly oriented to entertainment and leisure, are ideal to promote this type of activities and get users to go to your Website in search of demonstrating their skills or their luck.

In this way you will not only get the user to carry out an activity on your website, you will also achieve loyalty so that he returns again and again in search of more incentives. And that ... what generates? You guessed! Positioning

  1. Take advantage of your community's engagement Something we often forget, is that behind Social Networks there are people. And if what you want is to get them to do something, you must first reach their heart and gain their trust.

If you use the secret formula, you will achieve the engagement you need to convert your profiles into direct routes to your page.

  Creativity + Quality + Inspiration

Social Networks were made to talk. Exchange points of view, meet people, comment, participate, in short, interact. If a brand is able to build and maintain a community with common interests that not only interact with your brand but also with each other, you will have earned the SEO.

Oreo is a clear example of how to guide a community surprisingly through the stormy sea of ​​Social Media.

  1. Become the Google favorite Did you know that Social Networks have a positive impact on the ranking of the pages of your Website? This is called: Social Media SEO. The fact of sharing quality content in Networks enhances its virality and this increases the number of links, which favors your SEO.

This has an explanation: social exposure through tweets, likes, +1, etc. It influences the speed with which Google indexes the link, that is to say it registers it and thanks to it